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The XXI century is a speeding health train when it comes to weight loss. Every year, new distributions of new products appear on the wave, diets named after VIPs or previously undiscovered methods. However, chemistry is not a guarantee of success, which ultimately leads to the yo-yo effect. For years it has been known that to do anything properly means to do it in harmony with nature. That’s what producers of Vanefist Neo sparkling tablets made. Why is it worth to find out what they are, how they work and what effects can be found in the following paragraphs.

The essence of the action of the fast-absorbing formula of Vanefist Neo is to stimulate the body in the way as if it was just physically active. Quite briefly: We burn calories every second of everyday life. Who should be interested in slimming pills? Anyone feels uncomfortable physically and mentally in their body. Give yourself some joy with a smile looking in the mirror reducing the pounds of unnecessary fat. This is not so difficult despite appearances!

What is Vanefist Neo?

Vanefist Neo is a professional strong product in the form of effervescent tablets for slimming. Its formula was so impressive that it had a problem to enter the generally available European market. However, after successive safety studies, it turned out that it can compete with the largest weight loss brands with full success.

The product Vanefist Neo is a kind of gold grail in terms of reduction of extra kilograms. A popular dietary supplement has been called an effective weight loss method. Why? Because the demonstrated activity is high percentage even in extreme cases. What does it mean? Namely, you do not have to pour out the last drop of sweat during running or strength exercises to lose weight. Vanefist Neo will do it for you. Even during a sedentary lifestyle. Do you like the taste of the exotic fruits and citruses? This is what the flavored slimming drink Vanefist Neo tastes like.

Why the form of effervescent tablets is the best way to lose weight

All forms of medicine are good at overweight and excessive fat. Unfortunately, very high at cost. Both financial and health. In contrast, the well-supplied first-aid kit of the mother of nature is happily coming out. Its unique slimming properties are usually condensed in capsules or beverages infused with boiling water.

What is the advantage of effervescent tablets? Above all, they are dissolved in lukewarm water at room temperature. This form of the solution obtained is the closest to the natural osmosis of the body. The result is a much higher bioavailability of micronutrients. Carbohydrates are metabolized much more efficiently, and the body gets the necessary fuel for a healthy functioning much faster.

The composition of Vanefist Neo

  1. Garcinia Cambogia – strong antioxidant. This quick-acting activist begins the weight loss process. It accelerates the excretion of toxins from the body. It counteracts thrombosis and directly converts fat into energy for existence. After a few hours of taking the first dose of Vanefist Neo, you can feel a better mood and energy. It is the richest source of hydroxy citric acid – indispensable in the process of slimming.
  2. Bacopa Monnieri – small-leaved variety from the Leporidae family. It soothes the effects of irritation of the digestive system. It eliminates inflammation by boosting the necessary digestive processes. Bacopa has a positive effect on people who have problems with correct thyroid function. In many cases, this is associated with obesity. It regulates the metabolic process by combining elements of digestion waste with each other. Thanks to this, eating even highly processed food is much more efficient.
  3. Green Coffee – the chlorogenic acid contained in it is responsible for the specificity and effectiveness of the action. The high concentration of this agent makes it possible to change the carbohydrate metabolism. This process limits the rapid absorption of sugars, which means that the body is forced to use the energy accumulated in fat stores.
  4. Yerba Mate – an extract that significantly reduces the feeling of appetite. It maintains the effects of weight loss. It indicates the way of getting the necessary calories to vital functions. Yerba Mate in the form of an applied extract in Vanefist Neo stimulates and makes you feel better. After drinking, the feeling of being full prevents you from snacking. In people with predispositions, it is possible to feel the diuretic effect.

Vanefist Neo supportive substances

In addition to the associated main chain, Vanefist Neo tablets have several adjuvants in their composition. Most of them are highly concentrated vitamin complexes. They the body’s metabolic processes by not allowing excessive sweating of the most important organic compounds from the body, skin and cellular layer out. By concentration and value, the most important of them are:

  • vitamin C – otherwise known as ascorbic acid. Naturally, it supports the process of transporting other vitamins and nutrients. During slimming, it prevents excessive excretion of important organic compounds.
  • Niacin – one of the most lasting compounds. It intensifies the basic processes of vital functions. Facilitates oxygen transport.
  • Vitamin E – a great antioxidant. It protects healthy stem cells against breakdown. It helps in the disposal of toxins from the body.
  • Pantothenic acid –
  • Vitamin B6 – participates in the process of oxygen absorption. Thus, it supports slimming and metabolic processes. Vanefist Neo is an excellent source of vitamin B6 in the group of the most important vitamins from B, C and E.
  • Riboflavin – its main task is to facilitate the absorption of nutrients into cells.
  • Thiamine – known for its stimulating effect, found mainly in tea. Vanefist Neo uses Thiamine to prepare a process like the natural conversion of fats into energy.
  • Folic acid – essential nutrient. Supplementation indicated mainly during hormonal problems. It is a precursor to the formation of nucleic acid.
  • Biotin – stabilizes and regulates digestive system processes.
  • Vitamin B12 – supports the breakdown of simple carbohydrates. It actively influences the carbohydrate decomposition process. Thus, it prevents the formation of the top layer of fat.
  • Chromium – discovery of the last decade in the slimming area. Chromium is the most important element during the process of glucose distribution.

The principle of operation of Vanefist Neo tablets

The simplicity of the release and entry of Vanefist Neo tablets into the body lies in every part of the product. The whole process is directed to a three-phase period of operation.

Phase 1: Raising thermogenesis.

Phase 2: Active reduction of body fat.

Phase 3: Stabilization of effects.

What effects can I expect?

Vanefist Neo tablets have been subject to a number of clinical trials in the scope of planned results. After satisfactory results, the first test tranche was issued. Then both results were compared and averaged. From the control group and tests carried out on over 1000 people. What was observed?

  • weight loss: – 9,04 ± 1,31 kg
  • difference in BMI: -4,53 ± 0,62 kg/m2
  • decrease in the degree of body fatness: -5,36% ± 1,96%

Vanefist Neo – application

Product in the form of effervescent tablets. Depending on your needs, the recommended daily intake is 1 tablet a day. Special cases after dietician consultations may increase the dose to a maximum of 2 tablets within 24 hours. (With minimum interval of 8 hours).

Put 1 tablet into a glass with cold water. Wait for complete dissolution. In addition, mix the drink with a spoon to collect the sediment from the sides of the glass. Use Vanefist Neo systematically and if possible, at regular times of the day. If you miss a tablet, take it as soon as possible.

Remember: Systematic use and maintaining a constant concentration of active ingredients in the body determines the perfect slimming. Save hours and time by storing Vanefist Neo in a visible place.

Opinions of dieticians

Vanefist Neo effervescent tablets were sold in the first phase of their distribution only through the coaching staff. Due to the limited circulation and high quality, the price was quite excessive. Nevertheless, there were more and more people willing to buy Vanefist Neo. It would be unprofitable to limit distribution only to home countries. As it quickly turned out, the demand was so high that the producer decided to enter the broad market. It was a hit. Below are some statements of the famous European icons of dietetics.

“My specialty is a narrow group of clients after pregnancy. Mostly these are young women between the ages of around 21 and 36 years. Extreme cases are attempts to return to form after the fourth or fifth child. One day I was asked about the willingness to test an anonymous measure. I was surprised to find Vanefist Neo effervescent tablets. They have always been associated with very expensive, strongly selected products for wealthy customers. All my clients were extremely happy. As it turned out later, we got up to 16 additional treatments for free. My team of customers has increased over three times, and the average woman reduced 5.7 kg kilograms in 3 weeks. “- Thomas Nyguen from Great Britain

“I started by being a personal trainer. To meet the interested people, I also took up a dietician job. I have been writing training and nutrition plans for over 12 years. I have never met such a strong slimming agent with only natural composition. “- David Hagnetzov from Bulgaria

Recommendations come also from across the ocean …

“The form of effervescent tablets is the form of absorption of active ingredients that is released the most quickly in the digestive system. The slimming process is effective only when the body is saturated with vitamins and simple organic compounds. One dose of Vanefist Neo contains it all. It is a product that deserves the highest consumer confidence. It’s position on the market of dietary supplements is the highest shelf with a clear conscience. Hardly ever is it seen in the slimming product segment. “

Opinions from online forums, blogs, eBay, etc.

“I’ve tried everything for effective weight loss. While browsing through the auctions, I thoughtlessly clicked on the next pages. At one point I was interested in one article of a well-known fitness guru. As a pioneer, she performed a 3-week slimming test with effervescent tablets. It was quite funny because I have never heard about this form of slimming product. As it turned out, it was Vanefist Neo. I translated the results on myself. -6.2kg and 12cm less at the waist. Satisfied? That’s more than satisfaction. “- Agnieszka from the health & fitnessday forum

“I learned about Vanefist Neo literally by accident. I was on Erasmus in the United States. Several times a week, other residents of the dormitory provided us with sports attractions. After each tennis match or beach volleyball, most of them drank a delicious refreshing drink. When, after less than a month, I saw their silhouettes on the beach, it took my breath away. That was the effect of Vanefist Neo’s daily drinking. Some lost almost 10kg! “

The official distribution of Vanefist Neo

An excellent debut on the dietary supplements market at the end of 2018 caused a lot of interest in effervescent tablets for slimming. Many producers trying to “enter the market” began to produce niche counterparts of Vanefist Neo. Unfortunately, you won’t always find a reliable source even with wide range of social networking and the entire Internet.

We would like to inform you that the original Vanefist Neo packaging is white and yellow. The full package contains 3 tubes of 20 effervescent tablets. The whole packaging therefore contains a full two-month treatment in the form of 60 tablets.

The visualization of the original packaging is shown on the right (on mobile devices below). In order to provide you with 100% confidence in your trust and good purchase, we encourage you to use the link below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to recognize the original packaging?

Vanefist Neo comes in a white and yellow cardboard box. The upper part is dark yellow, on which there is a logo written in thin font. Around the yellow area printed are yellow circles empty in the middle with a bold outline. Vanefist Neo effervescent tablets are worth ordering from recommended websites of official distributors. For dispelling any doubts, a certain source of shopping is a few lines of text above.

How long will it take to receive my order?

The manufacturer took care of 14 product bases throughout Europe. The largest of them are in Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and the Netherlands. Expected delivery time in large cities is 24-48 hours. In smaller towns up to 72 hours.

If I am overweight, then will the increase of the dose help me reduce the unnecessary fatty tissue faster?

Vanefist Neo is a highly condensed formula in a fast-dissolving tablet. The recommended daily intake was calculated based on hundreds of clinical trials and a test group. The human body is so perfect that the part of active ingredients needed to reduce body fat will be absorbed so well that the half-life will be due to the next dose of Vanefist Neo. With a high BMI and visible overweight, the only right action is the systematic intake of the product over a period of 2 months.

Effervescent tablets are not a popular product. Is Vanefist Neo safe for health?

Yes. Vanefist Neo owes its spectacular success only to the connection of natural active ingredients. The process of body fat reduction is accompanied by a rich complex of vitamins. In many cases, it would be necessary to combine several multifaceted supplements to achieve an effect like Vanefist Neo.

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